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This is me.

This is me receiving my 6weekly infusion. A treatment that has kept me in remission with only a few small flares in the last few years.


Many people don’t know and are quite surprised when they find out that I suffer from a chronic bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis, not that I try to keep it a secret but I also don’t want to be all woe is me either.


2020 is my 11th year of living with this illness since being diagnosed in 2009. It has been a long journey to get to this point. Many different medications, hospital visits, tests upon tests, chronic pain and fatigue, flares, side effects, autoimmunity, rounds of steroids and the list goes on and on...


I have learnt to live with this illness but that does not mean it doesn’t affect my everyday life, it does not mean I don’t throw a pity party for myself every now and then. I know I will never be cured and I will always be medicated. As time goes on I have increased risk of colon/bowel cancer and also the possibility of needing a colectomy.


But for now I just have to get on with it, I have to be the best mother, lover, friend, daughter, sister, and business owner I can be❤️

I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be here on this earth and get to do and be so many things that others do not get the chance to do.


If your reading this and happen to suffer from an “invisible” illness like me, I want you to know, I see you!

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