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The end of a decade.

I am ending this decade by unapologetically unfucking myself. Letting go of whatever does not serve me anymore.


Continuing a forever evolving journey of healing and unlearning all the bullshit I have been fed.


I will no longer be quiet to make others feel more comfortable.

I will not question wether I should or shouldn’t say something.

I will not be afraid to express myself in any feminine, creative or sexual way that I may desire.

I will not let the world convince me to hate my body.

I will not attach shame to my thoughts and emotions.

I will not allow myself to feel broken.

I will not let what others think of me, be my problem.

I will not fear my power!


I am fiercely living my life on my terms. I will not be shoved into a box and be told what I “should be”.



If you feel drawn to this, if this resonates with you in any way. I hope you follow along and possibly get inspired to start your own journey of evolution❤️


Image by Sarah from Life and Lens Photography

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