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For The Love Of Body Image & Showering!

For The Love Of Body Image & Showering!

I wrote this a while ago and posted it to my personal socials but I really wanted to share it with you, as I think some of you might need to hear it ❤️ so if you know someone that may need to hear it too,

please share..

" I've been umming arrring about putting this image out there. Not that it is revealing at all but because of my own body insecurities. It seems lately I am meeting a lot of gorgeous mums that have body insecurities and they are mums of all shapes and sizes and all sorts of insecurities, so I thought fuck it, even if this post makes another woman be kinder to herself then I'll share it. My body has been through a lot health wise, especially housing two children, two c-sections and living with a chronic bowel disease.  By no means am I perfect or in love with my body but I am accepting, learning to be kind to myself and love me, just the way I am. I am also sharing this image because as a mum, 9 times out of 10 the HOT shower that I LOVE so much, my alone time, my thinking up awesome ideas time, my just breathe and let it go time is interrupted by my two tiny humans and that time turns into a lukewarm shower that I hate, me going cold from not being under any water at all, unconditioned hair, complaints of soap in the eyes, entertainable weeing and the use of ALL the body wash, BUT, it also turns into memories of showers with my babies on a Sunday morning, cradling Laycee under the water while she asks me to sing "you are my sunshine”, watching Jordan relax and enjoy the water falling and tickling his back. It turns into something special!!  Mum life is definitely not easy but memories like this make it all worth it. Massive appreciation to my baby daddy for taking the photo. Dads take note. Take the god damn photo!! She will most likely shy away from the camera but let me tell you, secretly she will cherish it later☺️ "

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