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Letter For Laycee

Three years ago I wrote a short letter to my daughter Laycee. At the time these words came from within me and were very much to her but reading back on them now, I realise I needed those words for myself, I was writing to me!!

I do hope when the time comes she will also find comfort and strength in these words but for now I’m honouring my growth, self love and gratitude for all that surrounds me!


Letter for Laycee

“Sometimes i wonder what your eyes will get to see in your lifetime, what special places and people on this earth that you may see. I know there will be times where rivers of tears will be falling from those eyes but i hope you will always see the good in every person you meet, i hope that you feel the freedom watching the sun set and the coziness of rain drops dripping down the window. I hope you feel peace watching the waves roll in on the beach and the feeling of grounding when your barefoot walking in nature. I hope you see how rich the colours of green are in the trees when it has been raining all day and how still the morning dew is on the grass in winter. I hope you see the love and strength in yourself and most of all I hope you see just how beautiful you are through my eyes”.

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