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I know this because it’s been my very own process of photographing births that has been the saving grace to the ongoing healing of my own motherhood story.


Hi, I'm Kate

Multi international award winning photographer, mother of 2, living in the Blue Mountains, Sydney Australia.

As a photographer, I create experiences that don’t just capture you in a single moment, but that frame your whole story in a way that leaves you remembering just how much you matter.


I’m the proudest mum to my two amazing children, Jordan and Laycee.

The birth of my son involved a series of complications that ended in an emergency cesarean section, some avoidable in hindsight had I known what I know now and had a team like the one I now pride myself as being a part of.

Jordan’s complications meant he was transferred to NICU within a different hospital 45 minutes away from the hospital he was born in. Alongside that came other complications related to my chronic bowel disease Ulcerative Colitis, which meant being separated from Jordan for his first 4 days.


Healing my birth trauma and the PTSD and anxiety that would become a key part of my next pregnancy, is something I knew would be ongoing, however with every woman I witness diving deep into her power, in full trust of her body and feeling seen and heard by the very team around her, I’m reminded that in the same supportive environment my body could have been able to do that too. 

How we remember our stories matters just as much as what we remember.

Which is why I bring so much of my nostalgic personality to my work, celebrating the more subtle parts of the process that other photographers tend to neglect.

Like sitting alongside you and your partner as you watch your gallery and piece your birth story together, not with the click of a mouse on a screen, but surrounded by the team that took the ride with you and can pass you a tissue as you pause to take it all in.

These are the details of your story that truly matter to me.

Making memories includes everything that goes into that moment being possible,
and everything that comes afterwards.

I feel endlessly grateful for the incredible relationships I have to this day with the women that have let me help them treasure their story in such an empowered way. I know we’re all on the journey of healing, acceptance and self love in some way, shape or form, and doing it side by side, in the comfort of their home, getting to witness the story unfolding for the whole family, is something I deeply treasure being a part of for my clients.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, I hope to hear from you soon! 

So much love 
Kate xx

Whether that’s through our in person postpartum catchup, the energy I bring to your birth space or the memories we share over a glass of wine before an empowerment session,

the way you feel whilst you make your way to the most powerful parts of yourself is a part of the magic that makes me so much more than a photographer.

I believe the true power of your photographs will always stem from the power you felt through the process. Photos might frame a memory, but it’s the whole process of being seen in your experience from start to finish that will seed the perspective of your story. And the story you hold of becoming a mother or revealing the power within you, is one that ripples out into everything else.

To be a part of a woman’s deeply sacred experience, is something I honour so much, and to be the grounding energy or the hand to hold that she needs to feel safe and held in that moment, heals me in ways I can’t explain. And it reminds me that the simple and small details really do matter. 

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