About Me..

Mother . Lover . Photographer

- I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW where I was born    and raised. 

- I am totally in love with a gorgeous man that I have      been with for 15 years. We have two                                children, Jordan 8 years old, Laycee 5 years old and    one fur baby named Emmett.

- I have always had a love or photography and I have been photographing most of my life.

There is just something about capturing a moment      in time that you can never get back that is so special    to me. 

- This image of me was taken at the International Rise    Awards where I won gold  and came second in the        birth category. It is one of my greatest                            accomplishments as a woman, mother and creator.

- I love flowers, chocolate and Netflix (yes I know          simple) but they make me feel so good. 

- I am a very intuitive, nostalgic and honest person.

 I enjoy making other people feel worthy and loved. 

- I am on a journey of healing, acceptance and self          love, after living some traumatic life experiences,          including the very difficult birth of my son and              becoming a mother.